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For the training of vision and fine motor skills; developed for children with multiple and visual disorders. Children with central visual impairment (CVI) can also benefit.

How to get the app?

The EDA PLAY TOBY app is available for USD 6.99 on the App Store for iPad devices.

You can also install the app on Android tablets with a 7-inch display and larger. For children with visual and multiple disabilities, we recommend using this app on larger tablets, as these children need large enough images and play area. The EDA PLAY TOBY app for Android tablets is available for free at the moment.

Features you will love

Training of visual attention and visual perception

The first stage “watch what’s happening” is suitable for the smallest children. The second stage of the game "touch and make something happen" is suitable for who are interested in specific pictures. The third and fourth parts of the game "touch and find out what's hiding in the dark" and "touch and find out what's hiding in the box" are made to support development of the visual perception. 

Training of fine motor skills

The second, third and fourth stages of the game – “touch and make something happen”, "touch and find out what's hiding in the dark" and "touch and find out what's hiding in the box" are suitable both for children with visual disorders and for children with severe fine and gross motor skills impairments. The children can touch the screen anywhere or just slap it – and they are rewarded by an interesting sound of a musical instrument or an animal.


Achieving the tasks is very easy. The child needn’t touch a particular spot on the screen; it can be touched anywhere.

The application works with distinctive colours and very simple picture shapes. The plot is comprehensible. Neither the pictures nor the scenes contain any details and they are positioned against contrasting backdrop.

Meet the EDA PLAY TOBY application

New tasks: "touch and find out what's hiding in the dark and in the box".

Download the new version of the EDA PLAY TOBY app! The latest version of the app features these new tasks:

What does the visual training actually look like?

The eye has to be provoked and challenged. The right visual exercise has to be performed regularly and under an expert supervision. The aim of active vision stimulation is to support and develop the preserved visual capabilities of the child for their maximum use in daily life. 

We practice the processing, saving and recollection of the visual perception. The child develops its skills: attention, search of the seen, fixation, focus transfer, observation of motion, eye-hand coordination, and orientation in space and on surface. 

Markéta Skalická

Markéta Skalická

Low vision specialist and methodologist for the development of visual perception, early intervention specialist

How is the vision trained in the EDA PLAY TOBY application?

“The EDA PLAY TOBY application develops especially the visual attention and primary visual images. The child becomes able to find an object on the screen, fix it and recognize it when seeing it again. This is supported by a sound response which is designed to enhance the ability of the child to recall the visual image. For example, a cow appears and bellows shortly; after being touched, it gives a long moo. This will enable the child to associate the visual image with the relevant sound.

The vision exercise stimulates the optic tract and the visual centres of the cerebral cortex which are in charge of imagery distinction and recognition. The pictures in the game are sufficiently contrasting and large to enable even an eye with reduced vision ability to watch the picture for long enough and repeatedly.  
If the picture were indistinctive, small, on a complicated background, the child wouldn’t be able to recognize the picture which would, thus, not be attractive for the child. The child would not enjoy looking at the picture repeatedly and wouldn’t find interest in the picture or the game.  
Children enjoy EDA PLAY TOBY; it supports their concentration on visual stimuli.”  

Why is the background in the game black and black-and-white?  

“Right from birth, children react to light and darkness, to the contrast of black and white. Gradually, in the first months of life, along with the maturing of the retina and connections in the central neural system, the child begins to focus its attention from contrasting patterns to facial outlines and colourful objects.
The black background of the EDA PLAY TOBY application is sufficiently contrasting to the colourful picture; it enables capturing of the child’s attention on the picture and it doesn’t distract the concentration. The child can concentrate fully. With some tasks, black-and-white background appears gradually; this has been used for a reason. It challenges the concentration focus of the child – it has to bring its attention from the disturbing white stripes in the background to a particular object, such as a fish which comes to the fore of the picture. The child is first captured by the abstract white stripes or different black-and-white background, but then it tries to find something which is already familiar, something reminiscent of some specific picture, such as fish.”

Alice Pexiederová

Alice Pexiederová

Early intervention specialist

Developing vision skills through a game

"From the first months of age, children enjoy discovering their surroundings with their vision, touch, manipulation, tasting – they simply perceive through all their senses. The EDA PLAY TOBY application is a game focused especially on the development of visual perception.  
The first stage of application “watch what’s going on” captures the child’s attention by a change on the tablet screen which happens automatically and it is enhanced by a sound effect. Step by step, we are providing the child with more complex objects to perceive; the perception difficulty is increased by white stripes on black background. The watching itself is an entertaining game and a proof that the child has begun to use its vision.  

The second stage – “touch and make something happen” – features tasks which enable the child to affect the change in the game plot by touching the screen. The child touches the display and something interesting happens in the game.

The game and the skills of the children can vary significantly, however, even children with visual disorder or children with central visual impairment can enjoy the EDA PLAY TOBY game."

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The EDA PLAY TOBY is an application inspired by the development of children’s vision and by visual exercises which support the vision skills development. After diagnosing the visual disorder, the ophthalmologist may recommend wearing of an eye patch or of spectacles. If the vision is trained properly, the child has a chance of improving its vision. The vision is an activity acquired through training; the sooner the training begins, the better the chances of a change. Toby is a fifteen-months old boy who was – due to his complex visual disorder – recommended to wear both an eye patch and spectacles. His family uses the early intervention services provided to families of children with visual impairments. 

New stages of the game "touch and find out what's hiding in the dark" and "touch and find out what's hiding in the box" are inspired by children with central visual impairment (CVI). 

We would like to thank for the support in the iOS and Android app development!

The project is carried out with the support of the Czech Radio Foundation (Nadační fond Českého rozhlasu) from the Firefly (Světluška) fund.

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The non-profit organization EDA cz, z.ú. is an early intervention centre in Prague, Czech Republic, which provides early intervention services to help the families of visually and multiply impaired children, from the child's birth up to 7 years of his/her age.